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    Chaport Live Chat là gì? Thông tin tổng quan, bảng giá, hướng dẫn sử dụng, reviews và đánh giá tính năng phần mềm Chaport Live Chat. Những phần mềm thay thế Chaport Live Chat dùng trong lĩnh vực Live Chat Software, ưu nhược điểm và so sánh? Xem thông tin tham khảo dưới đây!

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    Chaport Live Chat là giải pháp phần mềm Chaport Live Chat Reviews với chức năng và chi phí phù hợp cho các doanh nghiệp từ nhỏ và vừa (SMEs) tới các doanh nghiệp lớn. Phần mềm Chaport Live Chat được đánh giá cao bởi cả người dùng lẫn chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực Live Chat Software.

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    Chaport is a beautiful, simple live chat, with premium quality and affordable price. It is designed as a modern messenger to make communication with customers as easy and enjoyable as chatting with friends.
    Besides, we provide applications for all platforms, be it iOS, Android, Web, Windows or Mac, which makes it convenient for everyone to use.
    Chaport Live Chat will help you increase your sales by converting your website visitors to customers. The installation process is simple and will not take much time. Ju…
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    st add a chat button on your website and start answering your customers’ questions.
    With Chaport you do not need to always be online. Your visitors will write to you even when you are offline. You will be able to answer the questions via live chat, while customers will receive email notifications.
    Among the most important chat tool features are auto-invitations that will help you engage visitors in the communication process and typing insights that will allow the support specialists to provide your clients with fast answers. Other features include saved replies, file sending, detailed visitor info, widget customization, group chats and even more.
    You can also connect Chaport with 750+ apps using Zapier or integrate it with any app using API.
    After the account creation, you will get the access to all Chaport features for 14 days. Then you can upgrade to the Pro Plan or continue with the forever-free plan. The Pro plan features will be removed, but with the Free Plan, you will get 5 operators that can be online at the same time.
    Sign up today and increase your sales!

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    • Individual: $0 per unit/month
      Pro: $1 per unit/month (minimum monthly fee of $100)
      Company: $3 per unit/month (minimum monthly fee of $100)
      Enterprise: $5 per unit/month (minimum monthly fee of $100)

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