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    Kentico Kontent là gì? Thông tin tổng quan, bảng giá, hướng dẫn sử dụng, reviews và đánh giá tính năng phần mềm Kentico Kontent. Những phần mềm thay thế Kentico Kontent dùng trong lĩnh vực Headless CMS Software, ưu nhược điểm và so sánh? Xem thông tin tham khảo dưới đây!

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    Kentico Kontent là giải pháp phần mềm Kentico Kontent Reviews với chức năng và chi phí phù hợp cho các doanh nghiệp từ nhỏ và vừa (SMEs) tới các doanh nghiệp lớn. Phần mềm Kentico Kontent được đánh giá cao bởi cả người dùng lẫn chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực Headless CMS Software.

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    Kentico Kontent is a Content-as-a-Service solution that gives organizations control over their entire content lifecycle in a single unified environment. The authoring experience adapts to each customer’s content structure, leading to faster content creation while native collaboration and workflow ensure content adheres to brand, quality, and regulatory guidelines.
    APIs deliver well-structured content to websites and applications, providing complete separation from the presentation layer. This frees developers to …
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    build with their favorite technologies while content teams can focus on producing high quality content with the confidence it will look great in any digital experience.
    Kentico Kontent helps customers avoid the pains typically associated with a CMS, such as upgrades, performance, and security. And, with 24x7x365 support provided by 20+ in-house support engineers on three continents, online or on-site training, consultation packages, and detailed documentation, Kentico Kontent gives you everything you need to deliver on time and on budget.
    Enterprise-ready product with features like Custom Roles, Customizable Advanced Workflow or Secured access to API. On top of that, add an extra layer of security with Multifactor Authentication and control user access against your enterprise identity provider with Single Sign-On (SSO). Kentico Kontent offers SLA-Guaranteed Uptime, Premium Support, 24/7 Back Up, Choice of data centers, Dedicated infrastructure, GDPR compliance or OWASP security review standards.

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